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Mantiks helps Sales, Growth and Recruiters to reveal B2B leads ready to listen

Sales & Growth

Track companies' buying signals

Identify and reach your next best customer using data-driven insights and buying signals that reveal ready-to-buy companies.

Recruitment Data

Access millions of companies' job postings

Tech Lookup

CRM, ERP, ATS... Discover them in one place

Buyer Persona

Target C-level in one click.


Receive new leads by mail, CRM, API...
Inbox user interface


Deep insights into companies HR needs

Discover companies needing right now your candidates' profile.

Job Market data

Explore millions of job postings from various job boards in one place

Advanced search

Filter by job title, keywords, skills... And more!

Who's in Charge

Find contact details of the person in charge of a specific job posting.


Receive new leads by mail, CRM, API...
Customer profile user interface