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Get 5 Qualified leads matching your exact target


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What's included

  • Identify your needs in lead generation.
  • Setup Ideal Customers and Signals to track sales opportunities.
  • Receive 5 Qualified leads matching your criteria

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Accelerate your prospecting to the next level

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What's included

  • Track sales opportunities with custom lead's profile and signals.
  • Leads include company found and contact information.
  • Be notified in your mailbox CRM.
  • First-class support.

Why Mantiks?

Mantiks gives you an unfair advantage from the competition with unparalleled insights

Get notified of sales opportunities in real-time
Be there on time by subscribing to accurate signals
Focus and target only your persona
Don't spend time looking for leads - let them come to you

The world's most innovative companies use Mantiks


Frequently asked questions

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Do you have a free plan?
Yes! We propose you to find free Qualified Leads matching your exact target (Explore plan): after booking a call together, we set up your Ideal Customer Profile. But also signals: it's information - found at a specific timing - where you know your lead will be receptive to your message. Once setup, we propose you to send 5 free qualified leads!
Does your paid plan requires any engagement?
Nop. Our pricing is per lead delivered. No engagement: start it & end it whenever you want.
What kind of data do you propose?
Mantiks gives you access to the most accurate B2B database for Account-based Marketing and Sales purposes. It includes companies data such as job postings, technologies & product usage, revenue, sector, etc... But also contact data : once you've identified the right companies we provide you the right contact, based on your ideal customer profile.
Why are you using job postings?
Job postings contains a lot of information. First of all, it translates a need of the company on a specific role. But usually, enterprises give also information about their context, ongoing projects, technologies and product stack... At Mantiks, we analyze all those data to give you the best insights on your prospects.
How does work the notification?
As most of our data comes from job postings, we are able to catch, analyze, and map companies needs as soon as they are expressed by them. Our artificial intelligence runs 24/7 to gather and analyze best insights. Therefore, you will be notified as soon as our AI detect a signal matching you target! That is why we talk sometimes about real time company data: our data is "fresh". And you cannot settle for less if you want to target the right client at the right time.
What about GDPR?
We took great care to build our plateform on the principle "privacy by design". Therefore, all personnal data gathered on Mantiks is under GDPR regulation. You can at any moment claim for your personnal data at