Get notified of new Sales Opportunities. Now.

Monitor signals in job postings and web data to get opportunities, at scale.

Find Software companies using Hubspot and recruiting in Marketing

You want to follow other signals? Contact us for personalized automated pipeline.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of every Account & Opportunity.


Identify, target, and convert your ideal customers faster.


Automate your lead generation pipeline.

How it works

Receive Qualified Leads in 3 steps

Millions of companies tracked with their hirings, job postings, key stakeholders...

Step 1

Define your Ideal Customer and Persona

Give us your perfect client attributes by industry, job title, etc

Step 2

Define and subscribe to signals

There are time when you know your client will be more receptive: focus on companies matching those signals

Step 3

Receive sales opportunities

Get notified as soon as a company correspond to your signal with persona contact information

Custom Pipeline

Every business has its specifities.

Targeted customers vary from one business to another. That's why mantiks will tailor a custom lead generation pipeline on demand

Custom integration

Receive data where you want: mail, CRM or Marketing Automation tool. Just name it.


Timing is key. Be on time and get notified for every opportunity matching your target.

Quality first

Focus only on leads having the best chance of conversion with a pin point accuray.

No leads, no bill

If we don't find companies matching you exact criteria (but we will) you won't be invoiced.