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Monitor signals in job postings to get opportunities, at scale.

Find companies using Hubspot recruiting a Marketing Director

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Find out who is hiring and get decision makers contact. At scale.


Contact your leads when they are ready to buy.


Automate your lead generation pipeline.

Get the best of job postings

Extract business signals from job offers

One platform for all Jobs and Contact data

Advanced job search

Search jobs based on one or multiple keywords in the job title or description

Multi job boards

Retrieve jobs data from multiple job boards seamlessly - in one platform

Contact data

Get at the same time the contact data of your Buyer Persona


Receive new leads as soon as new job postings are published.

How it works

Receive Qualified Leads in 3 steps

Millions of companies tracked with their hirings, job postings, key stakeholders...

Step 1

Define your Ideal Customer

Specify jobs and recruitment you want to track. Filter companies by industries, fund raising, ... To match the perfect client.

Step 2

Define your Buyer Persona

Target the people who would buy your service or product, with their role or job title.

Step 3

Receive sales opportunities

Get notified as soon as a company correspond to your signal with buyer persona contact information.

Target only leads that matter, at scale

spared per day in lead searching
Higher response rate
Business meetings booked

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