Recruiting Agencies

Get instantly the contact of companies recruiting.

Place your candidates 2x faster.

Why Mantiks

Stop spending time looking at job postings every morning.

Get notified as soon as a company recruit a profile matching your candidates with the contact data.

Push CV
Find all companies currently recruiting the same profile as your candidates, and offer them your talent as soon as the job is published. Find all your talent a job in no time.
Opportunity monitoring
Setup alerts to be notified as soon as an opportunity in the job market is published. Never miss a business opportunity.
Market Research
Access to all the labor market data and have an accurate view of jobs in demand and tension on the market.
Recruitment history
Explore the recruitment history of your clients and prospects to find companies under recruitment pressure.

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“Mantiks has saved us a lot of time on prospecting, while targeting highly qualified prospects!

As soon as a company post a job that match our criteria, Mantiks send us a lead report with the company, job and contact of the key decision maker information: no more manual prospection”

CEO, Find Your Staff

Provide your Sales team with the best opportunities from the job market

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Get notified as soon as companies recruiting talent acquisition manager and propose them an efficient alternative with your RPO services.

Head Hunters

Receive daily opportunities matching your pool of candidates - including detail companies contact data to start your prospection right away.

Temporary Employment Agency

Identify right now companies needing temporary workforces and increase your revenue in no time.

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Case Studies

Learn how our clients use Mantiks to place 2x faster their candidates

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Where do you get jobs data?

We retrieve our job and company data directly from the job boards as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Welcome To The Jungle...

How fresh is your data?

Our job data is updated several time a day to ensure you to have access in real-time to the job market data.

Do you provide contact data?

Yes. For every company for which we detect a job matching your criteria, we provide detailed contact information about your Buyer Persona: mail, linkedin profile URL, direct phone number.