Case Study Vendeurs d'Excellence

The company

Vendeurs d’Excellence is french teaching school specialized in Sales skills learning.

They teach and train the art of selling to young apprentices in order to give them the right tools and skills to be at the edge of their profession.

In order to maximize students chances of getting hired in an ambitious Sales position, Vendeurs d'excellence aims to locate companies having a need in terms of Sales recruitment.

The Challenge

In order to screen companies having a need in Sales recruitment, Vendeurs d’Excellence was looking at job offers manually to understand company needs and ultimately place their students.

Cold emailing campaigns can be very effective only if the targeted lead is currently having the problem you are solving.

To save time Vendeurs d’Excellence was looking to automate this manual task:

  • Detect companies with less than 500 employees.
  • In the North of France.
  • Recruiting Sales positions.
  • And get the contact (name, job title, email) of their person.

Mantiks Solution

Mantiks algorithms automatically detect, gather and analyze millions of job offers of different job boards (LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor…).

Analysis by job title revealed a whole new volume of leads.

Once companies recruiting sales identified, Mantiks automatically enriched companies profiles with the persona contact information.

Vendeurs d’Excellence Benefits

Vendeurs d’Excellence was able to completely automate their lead generation pipeline and save precious time by automatically identifying companies recruiting sales positions and the right contact information.

Doing so, the school is able to contact companies at the right time, right people, without spending any time, and use Mantiks to generate qualified leads.