Case Study Superpitch

The company

Superpitch is a creative agency providing digital assets for communication and marketing teams, as short and creative video pitches to present a concept, or market a product.

Superpitch is targeting large companies and especially communication or marketing c-level depending on the company’s activities.

In order to support their growth, Superpitch is setting a growth strategy aiming to identify and target companies in need of their services through cold emailing campaigns.

The Challenge

The challenge Superpitch faced was to drastically improve their conversion rate in order to close more deals.

Cold emailing campaigns can be very effective only if the targeted lead is currently having the problem you are solving.

The timing and context provided in the outreach is critical to catch the lead’s attention.

Mantiks Solution

To face this challenge, Superpitch used Mantiks solution as an efficient lead generation method - based on tracking signals from companies to detect sales opportunities.

By looking at companies’ job offers, Mantiks is detecting companies’ needs, current project and key hirings.

Once companies are identified with a signal indicating they need Superpitch services, Mantiks provides the lead’s contact corresponding to Superpitch exact persona.

Superpitch Benefits

Doing so, Superpitch was able to detect with Mantiks:

  • New C-level arrival
  • Companies launching a new product
  • Companies who didn’t find the right candidate

Each company found was enriched with Superpitch persona contact (name, job title, email).

The leads are finally delivered directly into Superpitch mailbox in no time.

Mantiks provided both the right timing to approach the client and the contact information to improve the conversion rate and ultimately close more deals.