Case Study

The company

Adobe operates through the provision of digital marketing and media solutions. In particular:

  • Marketo’s powerful marketing automation software helps marketers master the art & science of digital marketing to engage customers and prospects.
  • Magento’s eCommerce platform creates unique and engaging shopping experiences.

From Ideal Customer Profile to high value prospects data enrichment

For Marketo and Magento solutions, Adobe had determined both an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and an associated list of targeted companies, but were missing key information in order to contextualize their commercial approach: are these companies already using a competitor?

Indeed, when identifying that a prospect is using a competitor solution, the marketing team delivers qualified prospects to the sales team which are able to contextualize their message and choose the appropriate timing to engage the prospect.

Using Mantiks solution, Adobe's marketing team were able to:

  • Know which competitor platform (Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce...) each prospect of the targeted list were using.
  • Identify if prospects had an ongoing CRM project, which could indicate a right timing for engagement
  • Gather relevant contact (full name, job title, and email) in the prospect organisation for a given job title (e.g. CIO, CMO, e-commerce manager...).

Having those information helped Adobe to find the right commercial approach at the right time.

Look Alike and Lead generation

Having a list of targeted accounts is one thing, and finding automatically others that match your exact Ideal Customer profile is another thing.

Through public web analysis and machine learning, Mantiks aims to deliver the best insights in order to give an unfair advantage against the competition. Those advanced techniques allowed us to find and match look alike accounts: prospect corresponding to Adobe ICP, and enriched them to have a full picture and the right engagement.

Therefore new leads found were selected based on existing key accounts criteria, and match on information as:

  • Industry
  • Revenue
  • Head quarter location
  • Usage of a specific technology or product
  • ...

Once a qualified prospect company is identified, the most relevants contacts are delivered according to the defined ICP.

The right data is key

The more SaaS offering and competition evolve the more commercial approaches have to be personnalized, timed, relevant to the prospect context and persona.

Analyzing millions of digital signals like companies' job postings, public information, funding announcements... Mantiks found qualified prospects and enriched data for key accounts.

Doing so, Adobe optimised its ABM strategy by filling the blank and gathering the right data to engage prospects the right way, at the right time.